In accordance with its function, education insurance provides insurance for your child to continue their education to the next level if you have problems such as you retire before your child has a job, such as you lose your job and the fate of your child’s education is threatened with dropping out. So that such an incident does not happen, you should immediately provide education insurance for your children so that later your child does not drop out of school.

The advantage of having education insurance is that you will get funds every time your child enters a new level of education. In addition, insurance funds will still be given if the insurance owner dies while still paying premiums again. My advice is that you take education insurance funds before the time you are penalized by insurance services, and you will be required to pay a certain amount.

When does education insurance start?

Preferably from an early age. you will get an insurance program since you are 0 years old because the premiums paid can be cheaper than your older child. premiums paid also increased. The maximum age limit for registered children is 12 years and parents are an important factor for the amount of the premium.

you just contact the insurance concerned, then enlarge your plan, then the insurance will provide details of the funds for each level of education. From there you can conclude how much premium you will pay each month. The insurance company will also calculate the funds collected with the premium you have specified.

For example:
If your income is around 5 million per month, assume 10% for your child’s education insurance costs around 500 thousand per month or about 6.5 million per year.

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