Health insurance is one thing that can help us to overcome health problems, especially financial problems. Because we all must realize that someone’s illness is not something that everyone wants and it’s also not a planned thing, but a sudden thing. Therefore, many people experience confusion when health problems occur, especially if they are the type of person who cannot save and set aside money for their own health budget.

Health insurance is what can help us deal with this problem. Because this agency can be a means for us to save money as a health budget. And the advantage is clear, when health declines and we need big health financing, insurance will help us.

Unfortunately, some people still think that insurance products are something that is still forbidden , because it is considered to precede the will of the Creator. Even though not all types of insurance are haram. Several types of insurance are allowed and are in accordance with the principles of Islamic law. This was also discussed at the NU National Conference (Munas) in 2006 . Moreover, if the insurance is indeed in accordance with Islamic sharia, so there is no reason forbid insurance which is in accordance with Islamic rules. So for consumers and the general public, it is better to be smart in choosing the various types and insurance products that are now widely available.

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