Sharia insurance in Indonesia is growing, now almost all insurance service providers offer sharia-based insurance. The large population of Indonesia who is Muslim is one of the driving factors for companies to provide sharia insurance, and they are competing to win the sharia insurance market.

However, not all sharia-based insurance is insurance that makes sharia insurance into conventional insurance.

Here are sharia insurance services that you can consider:

Allianz Syariah (Allisya)

has a very wide range of protection. consists of health insurance (Allisya care), life insurance to car and home insurance. By using a cashless (card) and reimbursement system, and supported by large companies, Allisyah is a reasonable choice of sharia insurance services.

Takaful Insurance

As one of the first sharia insurance providers in Indonesia. Takaful is an insurance company that purely only provides sharia-based insurance services, with supervision from employees of the company’s investment activities and the best products become one of the credit values ​​for Takaful insurance services.


Has the most product derivatives among insurance services in Indonesia that are based on sharia insurance. PRUSyariah also has the advantage of surplus sharing, namely distributing excess funds and insurance benefits, if the PRUSyariah insurance participant still has an active policy and has never made a claim, then the PRUSyariah insurance participant is entitled to 56% profit sharing.

Manulife sharia insurance

although from sharia-based insurance services, Manulife Sharia insurance services are insurance that you can consider because the cashless payment system uses a card or double claim bid, using a legalized copy of the receipt if the original receipt is used click on non-manulife insurance.

AIA Sharia Insurance

This insurance has 3 superior products including Fortuna X-Tra Plus Syariah, Hassana Berkah, and Provisa Syariah. each is a sharia insurance product that has been approved by the Sharia supervisory board (DPS) which has been recommended by the National Sharia Council – Indonesian Ulema Council.

Those are 5 sharia-based insurances that you can consider because the 5 insurances that I have mentioned are the best sharia insurance in Indonesia . Maybe among those of you who still don’t have insurance, please read the previous article, namely Types of Insurance in Indonesia .

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