In addition to choosingthe right car insurance service , the company’s reputation is also a consideration before you use its insurance services. this time I will discuss 5 lists of the best insurance services in Indonesia as discussed in imonye.

5 List of the best car insurance in Indonesia

Auto Guard

is a car insurance service that has developed, in 2013 Garda Oto managed to take the title of the best car insurance in one of the surveys in Indonesia, in that result Garda Oto got titles from various big cities in Indonesia, the survey was conducted on people people who have used car insurance services from Garda oto.

Grada Oto is a subsidiary of Asuransi Astra Buana which has won the Most Popular Brand category . the respondents who have chosen Grande oto recommend car insurance that has got the top rating (Hingly recommended).

at the end of december 2013, Oto Grade also won the Customer Loyalty Award, the award was given by SWA magazine based on a survey that had been conducted, namely the NPS and the NEV tournament survey. The two surveys show that Grade Oto is the best car insurance service with satisfactory facilities and services.

Adira Insurance ( Autocilin Atuo Insurance )

Adira Insurance, Auto Insurance has won many awards every year, based on a survey conducted by Indonesia Bussines Web, Atuocillin has won the award for Most Favorite General Insurance Product in 2013. has awarded Autocillin as The Best customer choice Of Car Insurance.

Allianz Utama Indonesia Insurance (Allianz Auto Insurance)

Allianz atuo Insurance is also included in the category of the best car insurance that has been recommended by car insurance service companies. After Allianz Utama Indonesia insurance as the parent company succeeded in taking names from various awards, Allianz’s reputation in providing many car insurance services has also increased.

Axa Auto Insurance (AXA Indonesia Insurance)

AXA car insurance has also been included in the recommendations for the best car insurance services in Indonesia. because AXA Insurance services have provided better service to its customers. The Smart Drive program has been launched by AXA insurance, and has provided protection for all forms of possible risks.

Automate ACA Car Insurance

Car insurance from ACA (Asia Centeral Insurance) also deserves to be recommended as the best car insurance service in Indonesia, because this insurance provider has given its companies a good reputation in Indonesia. Even the best car insurance in Indonesia has provided services that satisfy many of its customers.

With good programs and services from the 5 best car insurance lists in Indonesia , please choose one of the 5 insurance lists that I have mentioned above which one do you prefer as your car insurance service. Or maybe some of you want to use the services of sharia insurance, you can read the article on the best sharia insurance in Indonesia

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